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Training Services

Information Controls provides training on its InfoTronics® software. Training sessions can be customized for administrators, managers, trainers and employees, to suit your company’s needs. Whether through on-site training, online training, or the development of user manuals, Information Controls will work with you to find an appropriate solution to your training requirements.

For one-on-one training, or for small groups, remote training is a very popular option that allows us to accommodate most scheduling requirements. Using our interactive internet support system, remote training is now as personal as sitting at the same desk.

For large groups, on-site training may be your best option. With the option to work either from your live database, a recent backup, or a training database, we can accommodate your specific needs, regardless of the number of trainees.

To schedule training for you and/or your company, call us at 800-962-0102 (option 1) or email us.
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