Information Controls


Information Controls, Inc. is a privately held Illinois corporation founded in 1986. Rooted in the demand for professional and cost-effective outsourced services, Information Controls started as a document imaging business, and has grown to include its time and attendance division.

Information Controls’ time and attendance division, now known as the Human Capital Management division provides solutions to help employers control and monitor their workforce. We have helped companies in diverse industries track over half a million employees’ time and attendance. From 10 employees to 25,000 employees, Information Controls can help you manage your time and attendance needs. From employee punches to electronic transmission to your payroll service, Information Controls prides itself on its quality custom integration services. We operate in Wisconsin and Illinois serving customers nationwide, with our headquarters in Rockford, Illinois.  There are remote offices located in Racine, Wisconsin, Appleton, Wisconsin and Northfield, Illinois.

The Document Imaging division specializes in high-volume document scanning using the latest scanning hardware and software. Over the years we have continued to sell and process microfilm, and have expanded to include and fulfill today’s latest document imaging needs. From patient health records to accounts payable documents, we provide paper-to-digital image conversion services for customer applications. Information Controls produces millions of images each year and strives to meet customer needs by offering regional pick-up and delivery and safe storage.

Information Controls has an award-winning Systems Support Department that is committed to providing a response to a customer inquiry within two hours.  Our experienced staff, in all divisions, is dedicated to providing the same quality service and support that we have provided to our clients for over 25 years.

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