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Telephone-based Data Collection


ESS (Employee Self-Service) Mobile

Employee Self Service (ESS) Mobile from Attendance on Demand is adaptive—the employee’s home screen changes based on what the employee needs to do and how the employee works. Different types of employees have
different time tracking needs.

ESS Mobile is a single app that presents different options to different employees based on employee permissions. It accesses configuration information in Attendance on Demand to present a smart, easy-to-use app that is tailored to the employee.

Download the ESS Mobile brochure.


US TelePunch Voice Call Time Capture

Today’s employees are increasingly mobile and often work in remote sites. Providing a connection between the corporate office and your workforce can be challenging. USTelePunch keeps employees connected by leveraging the most universal data collection device on the planet ...the telephone.

US TelePunch integrates seamlessly with Attendance on Demand so that employee punches can feed right into the time tracking software.

For more information on USTelePunch, dowload the Caller Experience Guide. (PDF)

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