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Job Labor Costing

Job Labor Connect is a job labor costing application that enables organizations to quickly and effectively capture direct and indirect time for all employees, in real time. As an integrated solution to Attendance Enterprise and Attendance on Demand, supervisors and team leaders now have the ability to scan groups of employees into direct labor categories, such as work orders, jobs, lines and tasks.

Using mobile time capture devices eases the scanning of individual employees or work groups onsite, allowing calculation of accurate time spent on the job. There is no longer the tedious job of manually calculating billable work time - it's automatic - so you can send bills and receive payments quickly.

Job Labor Connect (JLC)

The Job Labor Connect (JLC) applicationoperates on industrial-class Motorola handheld devices witha barcode scanner running the Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.5 operating system. Data communication options are either WWAN cellular data connection and/or WLAN wireless 802.11 A/B/G.

In any given working environment, since it may not be possible to have a constant connection to the WWAN cellular data carrier or WLAN wireless access point, this JLC application contains a store to forward approach. If a connection is not available, the application will automatically store data until a wireless connection is established to forward collected data. Employee information will need to be provided from your HRIS or time and attendance database. Data collected on the mobil terminal(s) will be transmitted automatically, in real time, assuming a wireless connection is present.

Both the host and remote applications in this complete solution utilize the MS SQL database architecture. All data is transferred (both directions) utilizing MS SQL Server programming technology.

motorola mc65 Wireless DevicE

Information Controls is an authorized reseller of the Motorola MC65 wireless devices. This device is a rugged, handheld mobile computer device that functions as a mobile phone, PDA, computer, scanner and imager, and has all of the capabilities that will allow you to track your employees’ time and attendance.

To Download a complete overview of the MC65 wireless device, view this PDF.

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