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Document Management Software

Document management software increasingly plays a critical role, ensuring that scanned digital files are accurate, consistent, secure, and delivered as efficiently as possible. Information Controls will work with you to find the best solution for your company in order to manage your electronic files.

OPENTEXT Document Management Solutions

Introducing the latest and most sophisticated in document management software – Alchemy 9.0. From The Content Experts at OpenText, Alchemy 9.0 provides significant, measureable benefits to your document management processes. This newest version delivers a wide range of new capabilities for both new and existing customers.


Capture information quickly and thoroughly in Alchemy 9.0 with Single-Click Entry, External Database Lookup, Automated Document Splitting, Automated Folder Creation and Fax Appliance Capture.

  • Single-Click Entry – OCRs documents quickly and accurately regardless of document format
  • External Database – Indexes documents using external data sources for data consistency
  • Automated Document Splitting – Splits documents based on number of pages or when a particular value is captured in OCR
  • Automated Folder Creation – Automatically creates folders for documents based on their metadata
  • Fax Appliance Capture – captures and archives documents from OpenText Fax appliances

Process Management/Workflow

Alchemy 9.0 offers improved document routing based on business process and document matching.

  • Document Routing – Transitions documents through business processes based on user actions and automated business rules
  • Document Matching – Allows relationships to be defined between document types

Information Access

Increase access to critical business information with Alchemy Enhanced Web Access and File Connector.

  • Alchemy Enhanced Web Access – Providing fast and efficient document access to any user, anywhere
  • File Connector – Presents Alchemy to users as simply as a Windows document repository

Information Governance

Improved retention and disposition schedules in Alchemy 9.0 allow for compliance with internal policies and external regulations.

For and overview of the Alchemy document management software, view this PDF

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